The West has imposed sanctions on people smuggling through Belarus

The European Union, the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada have adopted new sanctions against those involved in the smuggling of people to Belarus. Today, the US Treasury announced that US punitive measures against 20 people and 12 companies and institutions are “a response to the flagrant disregard for international norms” by the government of Governor Alexander Lukashenko. Dmitriy Lukashenko, Lukashenko’s son, is now on the US sanctions list. New US punitive measures will be imposed in coordination with partners and allies.

17 people, 10 companies and a private border guard have been affected by the new EU sanctions. The leadership of the former Soviet Republic is accused of deliberately bringing migrants into the country in order to then bring them to the borders with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to travel to the European Union.

The EU sanctions affected Belarusian state airline Belavia as well as tour operators and tour operators from within the country itself.

Because of his support for Lukashenko, the European Union has also imposed sanctions on three other Belarusian state-owned industrial companies. Great Britain and Canada also imposed more sanctions on Belarus.

Strict countermeasures announced

In response, Belarus announced severe countermeasures. “In response, we will take (…) strict, disproportionate but appropriate measures,” the Belarusian foreign ministry said. Belarus has complained, among other things, that the punitive measures have also affected companies that have nothing to do with the current crisis.

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