SRF: Michael Gerber has become a reporter in London

There is a change of television correspondent position in Great Britain. 51-year-old Michael Gerber is SRF’s new UK and Ireland TV correspondent, SRF wrote in a press release. He succeeds Henriette Ingperson, who will return to Switzerland ( mentioned).

After training as a primary and secondary teacher, Michael Gerber completed his MA in History, Political Science, Journalism and Communication at the Universities of Bern and Fribourg. After graduating in 1998, he began his journalistic career as a regional and national editor at the Berner Zeitung newspaper. In 2001 he moved to the news magazine Facts, where he worked as editor of the Bundestag Building.

Michael Gerber has been working for SRF since 2003: initially on the news program “10vor10”, from 2007 he worked for four years as a French-speaking correspondent in Switzerland, and from 2011 to 2017 as a TV correspondent in France.

Since his return to Switzerland, Michael Gerber has worked as editor and coordinator for the International Television Newsroom, as a producer responsible for several series on “10vor10” and SRF News Digital, and at the end of September 2021, among others, was responsible for television reporting on the federal elections in Germany and recently was reported as a special correspondent from the World Climate Conference in Glasgow.

He is now moving to Great Britain in the spring of 2022, replacing Henriette Engbersen, who is returning to Switzerland. “I am excited about this new challenge – with so many big issues in a diverse country: What happens after Brexit? How do England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales go into the future – together or separately? And what will the future of the UK and Commonwealth countries look like when they leave the EU? Queen Elizabeth II her position and her life? Many exciting topics to look forward to,” Michael Gerber was quoted in the letter. (pd/wid)

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