June 17, 2024

The US President’s speech – “God save the Queen” – Biden raises a riddle with the last sentence – News

US President’s speech – “God save the Queen” – Biden is at a loss for the last sentence – News – SRF

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After his confusing recent rule, the US president has been ridiculed in conservative media and social networks.

US President Joe Biden dropped the mysteries with the last sentence of a long speech. The 80-year-old addressed the audience in a conversational tone near the end of the lecture on Friday in West Hartford, Connecticut, and expressed regret at not being able to stay any longer. Then he added, “Are you all right? God save the Queen, the man,” he looked at the crowd and left the stage. God Save the Queen has been associated over the past few decades with Elizabeth II, the British Queen who died in September.

According to US media reports, the White House presented the incident in such a way that Biden made a comment about a specific person in the audience. In fact, before the final movement, he seemed to focus on a portion of the hall. It was mocked in conservative media and social networks: Some used the video as evidence that Biden was too old to govern. At 80 years old, he is the oldest president in US history.

Biden’s attack surface

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Joe Biden wants to run for a second term as the Democratic Party’s candidate in the November elections. His age has long been a matter of debate, including within his own party. Republican challengers regularly use blunders and petty fouls to question his mental and physical fitness. Biden has had a tendency to slip the tongue before. Other US presidents also stumbled onto the stage, confusing people, and making somewhat confusing statements.

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