May 23, 2024

The study from the USA: These are the "best countries in the world" - Panorama

The study from the USA: These are the “best countries in the world” – Panorama

Written by Johannes Falls

Canada isn’t just convinced of its landscapes – according to US.News, the country is “the best country in the world”.

Photo: Images / Kavan Images

A study from the United States selected the “best countries in the world” for its list. At the top is a North American country. Germany is also highly represented.

Written by Johannes Falls

04/30/2021 – 12:04 PM

Stuttgart – There is a new leader on the US News magazine’s “The World’s Best” list every year. While Switzerland topped the list in recent years, Canada is now “the best country in the world”. Canada improved by one place compared to the previous year and was above all convinced of the quality of life and its social conditions.

For the annual study, the American Journal, in partnership with the BAV Group and the University of Pennsylvania, surveyed more than 17,000 people around the world. Participants distribute points in different categories. These include, for example, the quality of life, openness to firms, cultural influences, and the extent to which countries are enterprising. New categories were added this year, including commitment to human rights, animal rights and climate protection.

Germany is in the top three

Japan ranks second. According to US News, Asians are among the most educated and technologically advanced countries in the world. The country was particularly convincing in the “Entrepreneurial” category and took first place.

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Germany ranks third on the list. Compared to the previous year, FRG took one place and is thus far ahead in Europe. Germany managed to persuade in the “Entrepreneurship” category, which ranks second, and in the “Power” category, which assesses the state’s power and influence.

Switzerland, which topped the list in the past four years, is only fourth this year. However, in the “Open for Business” category, the country is still in the lead. Among the top ten countries, the United States ranked sixth, Great Britain ranked eighth, and Sweden and the Netherlands ranked ninth and tenth.

In the individual categories, Italy managed to convince in the “cultural influences” category and took first place. In the “adventure” category, too, which assesses how much can be discovered in countries, the country is second only to Brazil and 1 in Spain. The most powerful countries in the world were identified as the United States, China and Russia in the study. According to US.News, Canada, Denmark and Sweden have the best quality of life.