December 1, 2023

The seeds of Brexit are growing - Comment

The seeds of Brexit are growing – Comment

DrThe national Catholic Sinn Fein party came out on top in the Northern Ireland elections. However, the victory was not so convincing that the Protestant side had immediate fears for the unity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

However, the largest Protestant party initially refused to form a new regional government. The Democratic Unionists (DUP) will have to nominate a candidate for Deputy Prime Minister. But they only want to do so if the Northern Ireland protocol negotiated between the EU and London is changed.

Fear of unification of Ireland

It would be good if the DUP finally acknowledged that in Northern Ireland (unlike England and Wales) there was never a majority to leave the EU. Second, the party must realize that a blockade would only bring the moment closer, which many Protestants feared more than the difficulties which the Northern Ireland Protocol created for the economy of the province in its contacts with the rest of Britain.

Those who wish to remain in the European Union sooner or later will likely get used to the idea of ​​Northern Ireland being united with the Republic of Ireland. The seeds of Brexit are beginning to sprout. Its supporters do not want to believe it.

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