Margaret Thatcher quote about ‘German money’ has been manipulated

at many Facebook social networking sitecontributions Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is accused of a quote. “The problem with EU socialism is that at some point the German money is going to run out,” she said.

The quote is wrong. Indeed, Thatcher said: “[Sozialistischen Regierungen] Others’ money always runs out.” She didn’t talk about Germany or the European Union in this context. According to research by CORRECTIV.Faktencheck, the real quote comes from an interview that Thatcher gave in 1976.

The wrong quote is being traded Since years In different online versions. In 2018 I participated today President The CDU-WerteunionMax Otti on Twitter. Since mid-July 2020, it has been posted again by thousands of people on Facebook.

The false quote from Margaret Thatcher on Facebook has been published in various versions (Source: Facebook Search / Screenshot: CORRECTIV.Faktencheck)

Thatcher did not talk about Germany or the European Union

We have translated Thatcher’s alleged quote into English (“The problem with EU socialism is that it’s going to run out of German money”) and into google search engine as well as Search engine quotes Metager I entered. Neither research provided any evidence that the citation actually existed.

We also have an online database of Margaret Thatcher Foundation I looked up the quote that posted all of Thatcher’s political statements online. The search only produces a hit – And here the term “German” appears in a completely different context: Thatcher remembered him Page 19 of the linked document West German Trade Federation. There is no talk of money from Germany or “EU socialism”.

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“You always run out of other people’s money,” Thatcher said of socialist governments.

The News Verification Editors France Press agency The Margaret Thatcher Foundation asked if the quote about Germany was known there. Foundation director Chris Collins wrote in an email on July 13: “Margaret Thatcher didn’t say those exact words, but once upon a time something very similar is now being circulated in various forms. Something like, ‘The problem with socialists is always to run out of other people’s money.'”

In fact, there is a similar quote from Thatcher on the foundation’s website. The quote “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”, which is attributed to Thatcher in the “Blog World” (i.e. on the Internet), supposedly came from an interview on February 5, 1976 with the television station The Times TV.

The a copy the same as orgenal According to the interview, Thatcher said opposition leader to Conservative Party On the British government at the time: “I think they caused the greatest financial mess of any government in this country for a very long time, and socialist governments have traditionally wreaked financial chaos. They always run out of other people’s money.”

Editors: Matthias Bau, Alice Ashtermann

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