July 13, 2024

The Queen bids farewell to “Queen Elizabeth” |  Trip review

The Queen bids farewell to “Queen Elizabeth” | Trip review

British aircraft carrier on its first mission
The Queen bids farewell to “Queen Elizabeth”

On Saturday night, Queen Elizabeth left Portsmouth on her first 28-week mission to Japan. Previously, Queen Elizabeth II was on board the new aircraft carrier.

Her Majesty the Queen went up to the port to meet and bid farewell to the ship’s crew. The day before, PM Johnson had also been on a porter to visit.

The 65,000-ton aircraft carrier recently underwent rigorous training to ensure it and the ships that will accompany it on its world tour for any eventuality. After training off the Scottish coast, the Carrier Strike Group ships were briefly disbanded before leaving for their mission.

The UK’s Carrier Strike Group will visit more than a fifth of the world’s 40 countries, including India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, and cover 26,000 nautical miles in the process.

The group will also participate in exercises with the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” in the Mediterranean, as well as with the naval forces and aircraft from allies such as the United States, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan and the United States. Arab Emirates.

In the Pacific Ocean, Carrier Strike Group ships participate in Exercise Bersama Lima to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Five Energy Defense Agreement between Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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More than 30 aircraft and helicopters on board, including F-35s from 617th “Dambusters” Squadron and VMFA-211 from the United States Marine Corps; Wildcat helicopters from the 815th Marine Squadron and Merlin helicopters from the 820th and 845th Marine Air Squadron. The Royal Marines are also deployed from 42 commandos with the aircraft carrier.

HMS Queen Elizabeth was supported on its first mission by HMS Diamond and Defender destroyers and frigates HMS Richmond and Kent, an Astute class submarine and support ships of the RFA Fort Victoria and RFA Tidespring. The Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen and the US destroyer Arleigh Burke USS The Sullivans are also part of the task force.