Liberty Steel puts the works for sale

In Great Britain and Australia, factories are sold off and parts of the company are restructured.

In Great Britain and Australia, factories are sold off and parts of the company are restructured.

(Dpa / miM) – Faced with financial difficulties, steel group Liberty Steel wants to sell several plants in Great Britain with a total of 1,500 employees. The step is Part of corporate restructuring that creates many jobsThe company also announced on Monday.

Liberty employs about 3,000 people in Great Britain and is severely affected by the bankruptcy of Greensill Capital – parent company Gupta Family Group Alliance (GFG) in chalk with a financial services provider of several billion euros. Creditors are hoping to get some of their money back from what they say is a profitable international steel company.

Economy Minister Franz Fayot informs the Chamber of the government’s rescue plans to contain the site at the time of a question.

The aerospace sector and special alloys are for sale In the UK’s largest location in Stocksbridge. Due to the downturn in aviation in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, steel demand has fallen sharply. Instead, Liberty wants to focus on its Rotherham facility, which recycles scrap steel. She said this could reduce the steel imports needed for Great Britain. Unions have called for the future of factories that are central to the UK’s defense and energy industries to be protected.

In the context of Greensel’s bankruptcy, GFG is being investigated for fraud and money laundering, which includes financial agreements with a financial services provider. Liberty has acquired the Dudelange Factory with around 220 ArcelorMittal employees. Recently it was said against “Luxembourg Wort”, the wages The approximately 220 employees of Dudelange are also secured for the month of June. A large portion of the employees there are currently on vacation because the occupancy rate is low.

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He agreed to keep Liberty Steel silent

In the Chamber’s Economic Committee on Thursday, a troubled steel company was the focus. Economy Minister Franz Fayot informs the deputies – under a seal of secrecy.

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