February 22, 2024

The public was evacuated at the Konrad Sohm in Dornbirn after the landslide

The landslide occurred along Budenbach around 4 a.m. and dislodged the parking lot and bridge. Before the evacuation, it had to be cleared using heavy equipment. After the initial examination conducted by the state geologist, a clear answer cannot be given at this time. More landslides are likely, which is why the club will remain closed until further notice.

The evacuation took place around 9:30 a.m. For this purpose, the city of Dornbirn provided a city bus which transported the guests, who had until then been looked after by Conrad Somes’ staff, safely into the city.

A large percentage of guests came to the club by public transport. The fire department was in constant contact with the club operator, who informed emergency services of the mood and situation.

Two cars in the parking lot were damaged. Two bridges were also damaged, the bridge over the Dornbirner Ache and the bridge over the Bodenbach. Access to the Conrad Sohm remains closed until further notice. The slope is constantly monitored.

Once the weather allows a good view of the demolition edge and landslide, the slope will be flown by drone in order to monitor the extent and be able to better assess potential additional development.

The Dornbirn Fire Department, police and flood and avalanche teams were on duty. As head of the city’s operations department, Deputy Mayor Julian Fässler coordinated the on-site operation.

Information about planned events, potential cancellations or alternative accommodation can be found on the website throughout the day website And also on Konrad Sohm’s social media.

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