June 14, 2024

The new video gives a first look at the new customization options and more

New video from studio Maxis released with publisher EA The Sims 5 Internally it is still under the name Renee Project Works, works, gives us some new ideas. For example, we get our first glimpse of a file Eye-catching fashionwhich the creators seek, grant.

But that’s not all: new lighting and customization options are also introduced. Although the new version simsIt’s still a long way to go, but there are already some developer experiences to be admired.

The Sims 5 early development video gives a first look

As early as October last year, developer EA allowed itself to be teased It is possible to count on a new part and thus the “next generation” of the series. Above all, the focus should be on “powerful tools and meaningful stories.” In addition, The Sims 5 should not only be playable on PC, but also on smartphones and other devices.

We haven’t seen much, but that’s about to change with a 15-minute video posted to YouTube as part of our Behind The Sims series. Among other things, the new animation, which aims to better convey emotions using movement and body language, will be discussed:

Moreover, new social systems are being introduced to us. These could play a major role, because they were only announced at the beginning of the year The Sims 5 must have a multiplayer option. However, one should not expect a real MMO, as the developers say.