December 2, 2023

The Nadella Group celebrates 70 years - press release of Chiavette unit, Nadella GmbH

The Nadella Group celebrates 70 years – press release of Chiavette unit, Nadella GmbH

1952 RAI began broadcasting television programmes, which are still in the experimental stage. In the same year, Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom. Every year in history is full of events that shape it.

For Nadella’s group member Xiavit’s testimony, this date has a very special meaning, because it was before 70 years It was the year of foundation. In 1952, Claudio Salerno founded the company that still bears the Italian name for the first product line he made: Walnut.

The DIN 6665-6888 keys And UNI 6604-6606The Keyways DIN 887 And UNI 6608 It was the products that started a 70-year story. The Chiavette staff like to say it all started with a product that “connects.” In mechanics, a road switch is actually a connecting element that allows the transmission of movements between two elements (axis and axle). Small and simple mechanical element plays an important role.

The rest of the company’s history is a mixture of passion and innovation, not only in products, but also in developing modern and robust manufacturing systems.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the production of clevises increased DIN 71752 and ball joints according to DIN 71802 registered. In the 1990s, the first range of plain ball bearings and rod ends were launched under the Tescubal® brand.

In 2002, the company adopted the quality system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

Chiavette Unificate has been part of the Nadella Collection since 2018an expert in all areas of industrial handling technology, with 8 specialized production sites and 14 main offices in Italy, Germany, France, UK, Spain, USA and China and a global sales network.

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Much has been achieved in this long life of the company. subordinate Special thanks to all employees and customers who have supported Chiavette and helped improve the company.