February 28, 2024

The fox faces many colorful adventures

The fox faces many colorful adventures


Little fox, what are you doing? In Tonk, the furry animal has to solve puzzles and endure a number of adventures. Photo: Finji / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

In Tunic, players take on the role of a young fox who finds himself in a game world characterized by forests and caves. Since the fox does not speak and all the signs are provided with an unread secret code, you have to find out a lot on your own first. Not many things are fully explained at first – but that’s what makes the game special.

Inquisitive fox on an expedition

Curiosity is the key to exploring the game world. Instead of preset paths, there are only a few hints, as many things can only be achieved with unlockable weapons. There are also a large number of opponents on the way, with whom you have to deal in quick battles. Much, like their strengths and weaknesses, is revealed in the guide pages scattered throughout the game world.

Although Tunic looks attractive at first glance, one should not underestimate the level of difficulty. Challenging puzzles also put the mind of experienced gamblers to the test, and constant pressing of the buttons is not enough to trick your opponents. Since the fox cannot take much against stronger opponents, you often have to start from the beginning.

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Good reviews to reduce what it takes

Thanks to his mysterious world, the movie “Tonic” became a real hit. Critics describe the game as a glimpse into simpler antiquity, which, despite the simple graphics, is particularly convincing with the gameplay. Those who can adapt to the challenges will be excited about Tonk.

Tunic is available for PC, Mac and Xbox and costs around 28 euros. It is also included in Xbox Game Pass.

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