February 29, 2024

The First Descendant won’t be released until summer 2024

The First Descendant was actually supposed to release for PC and consoles this year, but developer Nexon had already pushed the free-to-play shooter to next year in November. Now the release window has been narrowed even closer and there’s also a new trailer. The video shows how the titular descendants or “descendants” fight against the massive Titans in the barren landscape of the fictional continent of Ingres. We see many characters that players can choose from. Naturally, they each have individual skills to enable different playstyles. It also becomes clear that the focus of the shooter is on cooperative boss battles with up to four participants at the same time.

Anyone who was hoping for The First Descendant to debut early next year will be disappointed, however: Nexon doesn’t want to release the game until summer 2024, but at the same time for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox. One and Xbox Series The development team wants to use the extra time to further improve the game based on beta testers’ feedback.

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