February 28, 2024

The 21-year-old travels 1,219 km to the office once a week

June 20, 2023

How far will you go for training? Everyone can answer this question themselves. 21-year-old Sofia Celentano has made up her mind. Once a week she travels from Charleston, South Carolina to New Jersey, New York for her training at Ogilvy Health, an agency. The flight time is approximately two hours. But there are just over 1,200 km. The reason: costs. Flights are cheaper than living in New Jersey during the internship.

What her daily life is like when Sophia travels to the office, she has documented on TikTok: getting ready, going to the airport, flying, to the office, daily work. Before starting her nine-to-five job, she was up for six hours. Her TikTok app has gone viral. Forbes and other media reported about Sofia.

Many people in the comments on TikTok debate whether training is worth the effort (and CO2 emissions). In another TikTok, the 21-year-old explained that she commutes voluntarily and that the company does not require her to do so. It also calculates how much money you save as a result. Her internship lasts ten weeks, so she multiplies the costs per week by ten.

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On the other side CNBC made it Sophia says moving around saves her from a lot of the stress she would have faced if she lived in New York and thus away from friends and family. She prefers to spend the summer with her loved ones rather than in a city where she does not know anyone.

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“A lot of people also think that getting up so early and grabbing two planes a day is probably driving me crazy, but honestly, it’s not that hard for me,” she says. The hardest thing about getting around for the 21-year-old is not getting up in the middle of the night, but waiting at the airport for the return flight. By the way, Sophia voluntarily applied for an internship, because she definitely wanted to work there, as she did in the future linkedin He writes.