February 25, 2024

Tape of Accountability Operation - +++ Pelosi announces Commission of Inquiry into Capitol Storm +++ Biden: "End of sad chapter."

Tape of Accountability Operation – +++ Pelosi announces Commission of Inquiry into Capitol Storm +++ Biden: “End of sad chapter.”

According to prosecutors in the impeachment, the Capitol attackers were convinced that they were acting on behalf of then-US President Donald Trump. “The attack was carried out by Donald Trump on his instructions and in accordance with his desires,” said Democratic Representative Diana Digit on Thursday in the Senate. Donald Trump sent them.

As in the previous days, Democratic prosecutors offered extensive video footage to support their arguments. It can be seen how Trump’s radical supporters openly refer to the then president when they stormed Parliament on January 6. Among other things, they called it “fighting for Trump”.

A Trump supporter shouted in front of the Capitol building at police officers, “We have received an invitation from the President of the United States.” In another video, an intruder inside Parliament said: Let’s call Trump. He will be happy. We are fighting for Trump. “

Digit also referred to court documents and interviews in which the attackers said they followed Trump’s instructions. This also explains why the hackers photographed themselves during the attack and publicly identified themselves online, the MP said: They were simply convinced that they could not be punished for acting on the president’s behalf.

Biden hopes that “some Republicans will change their minds.”

Democrats want to persuade Republican senators to vote to condemn Trump. New US President Joe Biden said Thursday that attorneys ’impressive rhetoric could prompt some Republicans to” change their minds “.

However, the verdict of guilt against Trump remains near impossible: For the two-thirds majority required for conviction, at least 17 Republican senators will have to vote with 50 Democrats. Yet, so far, only a handful of Republicans have indicated they can vote against the former president, who remains popular with large parts of the party and populace.

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