May 24, 2024

Switzerland loses twice – Sweden, Canada and Scotland are already in the qualifiers

Switzerland narrowly loses to Italy

The Korean team, which has not achieved a win so far, got off to a very good start in yesterday's match. At the first end there were six Korean stones in the house. There was no such tall building at this year's World Cup. The Japanese were again close until the last end and the extra end had to be decided. Then the Koreans decided it themselves and celebrated their first victory.

The Czechs took the lead against the Norwegians with a four-man match in the fifth end. In the ninth end, the Norwegians stole two stones and equalized. In the final finish in a two-man house, the Czechs left no stone unturned and won the match 10:8.

Germany needed another win to advance to the qualifiers. On the seventh and eighth parties, the Americans managed to steal three stones each and the Germans got out of control. The Americans clearly win 10:2.

The Switzerland vs. Italy match was eagerly awaited. From the first moment, both teams showed their desire to compete for medals. In the eighth end, Benoit Schwarz played a very good last stone and the Swiss took the lead. With a perfect final stone in the 10th end, the Italian jumper was able to land his stone shot. The stone was not directly attackable because it was hidden. So the Swiss had to play the miracle stone over the stone that was lying on its side. The ejection was unsuccessful and the Swiss lost 5:6.

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Korea – Japan 11:10

Norway – Czech Republic 8:10

Germany – USA 2:10

Switzerland – Italy 5:6

Switzerland loses again and is worried about entering the qualifiers.

Sweden vs. Canada could be the final match of the World Cup. The unbeaten Swedes played a perfect match and won 6:5. Despite this defeat, the Canadians are already in the playoffs alongside the Swedes.

At the same time, the Swiss played against the defending champions from Scotland. The home team started the match poorly. Scotland led 3-0 after the first end. The Swiss team's performance improved and in an exciting confrontation it was tied after 10 rounds and the extra end had to be decided. This ending went very well for the Swiss, as they were able to place some stones in the house and even hide them behind the guard. Unfortunately, the last Swiss stone did not come out optimally, so the Scots were able to win this end and the match 8:7 with a relatively easy takedown.

With this win, the Scots have already qualified for the playoffs early, and the Swiss must continue to shake and win at least one of their two matches on Friday in order to reach the playoffs.

The Netherlands vs. Czech Republic match ended with a score of 8:5. With the win, the Czechs' chances of reaching the playoffs were slim. The Dutch, with a total of 3 wins and the Czechs with 4 wins, are no longer able to reach the playoffs.

After the Koreans' first win of the afternoon over Japan, only the New Zealanders managed a win. Between the basement duel between Korea and New Zealand, the Koreans were clearly the stronger team and won 5-2. New Zealand is still waiting for its first victory.

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Sweden – Canada 6:5

Scotland – Switzerland 8:7

Netherlands – Czech Republic 8:5

New Zealand – Korea 2:5