May 27, 2024

World Cup in Schaffhausen – Big disappointment: Swiss footballers fail at home World Cup – Sports

  • The Swiss national team lost the decisive match in the preliminary round against Germany 6:7 in the World Cup at home in Schaffhausen.
  • Benoît Schwarz-van Berkel's supposedly easy last stone was too long.
  • CC Jennifer will miss out on Yannick Schwaller for the playoffs. The final result was an 8-1 defeat to Canada.

It was actually a doable task for Benoit Schwarz van Berkel: the Geneva player had to place his final stone in a more central place than the German stone that was thrown. But the project failed because the stone was too long.

Instead of qualifying for the quarter-finals with a 7:6 win, Switzerland lost 6:7 and was eliminated from the tournament. The failure was particularly bitter for Schwarz van Berkel, as he had previously impressed with strong prospects and put himself in good starting position with an impressive hat-trick output.

“Just didn't work for us”

“We actually estimated the speed of the stone roughly correctly. But it went too fast,” Skip Yannick Schwaler said of the unfortunate finish, adding: “The ice was a bit hard with the frost.”

During the entire World Cup, the performance was actually not bad. “It didn't work out for us.” He didn't want to look for excuses, there were simply “some key shots” missing. “The disappointment is very big,” the man from Solothurn admitted. “We would have liked to have qualified for the qualifiers in front of this big crowd, and we would have run there.”

Two houses out of three

The two teams fought the expected close battle. Pablo Lachat-Kochepin, Sven Michel, Schwaler and Schwarz-van Berkel entered the match with a record of 6 wins from 10 matches, behind the Germans who were rolling at a similar level (7/11).

The lead changed several times during the match. The Germans took a 4-2 lead after a three-point attack in the third end. The Swiss responded immediately and scored 3 blocks of their own.

After that we played more defensively. In the eighth end, Germany's skip Mark Moskatewicz missed a potential three-man homestand, such that Germany could only equalize and had to concede their right to the final stone. The Swiss retained the advantage with a zero-sum finish – which in the end was non-existent.

Farewell defeat

The hope of a good result in front of the Schaffhausen crowd in the evening match did not materialize. The Swiss suffered a 1:8 defeat to Canada. A house of four men at the second end and two rooms stolen by Canada at the fourth end mean an early decision. After 6 ends the Swiss surrendered. Canada, led by skip Brad Gushue, made direct qualification to the semi-finals ideal.