April 23, 2024

Swiss Football News – Lichtsteiner becomes head coach – Lucerne player Chader needs a break – Sports

Swiss football news – Lichtsteiner becomes head coach – Lucerne player Chader needs a break – Sports – SRF

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Start a new job in the summer

Stefan Lichtsteiner.

Images by Imago/Niccolò Campo

Lichtsteiner in the first classical league

Stefan Lichtsteiner has a new job next summer. The 108-time Swiss international (8 goals) and long-time national team captain will be coach of top-flight club Witswil Bonstetten. The Säuliamt association in Zurich reported this on its homepage on Monday afternoon. The 40-year-old from Lichtstein lives in Fitswell and also plays for the FCWB first team. Current coach Sergio Colacino announced his resignation at the end of the season because he wants to have more time for his family. Lichtsteiner is currently still the head coach of Basel's U16 team.

Lucerne shader with shredded muscle fibers

Lucerne will have to do without Sofiane Chader for at least a month in the fight for a place in the final round of the Premier League. The 23-year-old French striker tore muscle fibers in his quadriceps muscle during the 2-1 defeat to Stade Lausanne Ouches on Sunday. As announced by FCL, Chader will be out for 4 to 6 weeks.

Souther has to watch

Full-back Anthony Sautier will miss out from promoted club Yverdon Sport due to injury. The 33-year-old suffered a knee injury in the first leg against FC Winterthur and was forced to remain in the dressing room during the break. He had to watch the 3-2 win over FCZ at the weekend. Sauthier will not be available for the Vaudois squad for approximately 6 weeks. The match against Winterthur was the first this season that Sautier played as captain. Sauthier was always in Yverdon's starting lineup until the guest appearance at Winterthur and scored 2 goals and set up 3 others.

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