June 17, 2024

Summer Course 2023 – Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Tanks and Asylum Containers: That was the Summer Course – NEWS


Today ended a session full of emotions, symbolic actions and important decisions.

Not a significant decision, but a symbolic action was on the agenda on the penultimate day of the session: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Real Estate Council and the National Council in a video message. During the speech, however, the chairs of the right side of the House remained empty – the majority of the parliamentary group from the Senior Vice President walked away from the performance in protest.

Parliament sent a signal to Ukraine before Zelensky appeared: to vote yes to decommissioning 25 of the 96 Leopard tanks that had been decommissioned. Decommissioning is a prerequisite for selling the tanks back to the German manufacturer. Germany has supported Ukraine with Leopard tanks and now needs replacements.


National Council President Martin Candenas (C/GR) says goodbye to Niccolo Paganini (C/SG) at the end of the session.

Keystone/Peter Claunzer

The women’s strike also took place in the last week of the session. Tens of thousands participated from all over the country. However, it is likely that there will be fewer women participating this year than in 2019. Criticism has also been expressed that the organizers lack political breadth this time around.

The fifth Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in history

The National Assembly and the Council of States took the rare decision to vote yes on the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (PUK) into bailing out CS. After not using the PUK in the last state bank bailout, the UBS bailout 15 years ago, Parliament clearly decided in its favor this time around.

Isabelle Chassot, member of the Central Council from the canton of Fribourg


Why did the big UBS bank have to take over the big Credit Suisse in an emergency orderly operation? Was it all legal? The PUK’s Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, chaired by Isabelle Chassout, will clarify these questions.

KEYSTONE / Alessandro Della Valle

a A panel of 14 must now clear up the open questions about the CS takeover. With Freiburg’s central chancellor Isabelle Chassot, a woman was elected to lead the PUK for the first time.

There is no counter proposal to the pension initiative

The National Council recommends “no”. Liberal Youth Pension Initiative. He no longer wanted a counter-proposal. At the request of the appropriate committee, the Grand Chamber dropped its application for a counterproposal. The decisive factor was the senior vice president, who made a U-turn. So it is clear that the initiative, which calls for a gradual increase in the retirement age, will go to the ballot box without a counterproposal.

Finally, Parliament has also not heard of additional container villages. The Council of States opposed housing asylum seekers in containers on military property. He had refused a request from the consolidation conference, which amounted to about 66.45 million Swiss francs.

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