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St. Brown's Super Bowl dream has ended  Sports  DW

St. Brown’s Super Bowl dream has ended Sports DW

On January 20, 2019, Iconium Saint Brown was at home in front of the TV. On Sunday, watch the National Football League semi-finals – like millions of other football fans in the United States. It’s about getting into the Super Bowl, the NFL Grand Final. Saint Brown also plays in this league. It is a wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers and has just finished its first season.

It was a very successful season. Twelve games, 21 trapping passes and 328 yards of space – these are respectable numbers for newcomers. But American football is a team sport in which individual statistics are of secondary importance. Especially when the team is unsuccessful. Green Bay had just played the worst season since 2008 with only six wins – and clearly missed the playoffs.

“I won’t go home next year.”

When St.Brown watched the New Orleans Saints matches against the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs against the New England Patriots on TV, he felt the need to have something to say. The 22-year-old picked up his mobile phone and tweeted, “I’m not going home this time next year.” He looks confident and determined and should only express how much he wanted to be on the field in the semi-finals. But nothing will come from his announcement – at least not in January 2020. St. Brown suffered a serious ankle injury in pre-season and missed the entire season.

In 2021, the 1.96m passport holder reached the semi-finals. But a ticket to the “Big Game” on February 7th in Tampa is still just his dream for now. Neither Saint Brown nor his Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl, but legend centerpieces Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Packers’ favorite lost their home game with 26:31. Tampa Bay faces the Kansas City Chiefs in the final, and Brady is already his tenth Super Bowl appearance. The defending champion Kansas beat the Buffalo Bills with 38:24. Brown – who owns a thing from Hollywood – was at the time deprived of adding icing to the cake, it all started in 1989 at the FIBO fitness show in Cologne.

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My dad was a star bodybuilder

Myriam Steyr just happened to be on the sales show, accompanied by a friend who was playing badminton there. On the other hand, John Brown specially came from California. Supposed to be served with a protein product at the Krefeld company’s booth. Anyone who sees it will immediately notice that they are familiar with nutrition and fitness training. His body is one muscle: Brown is a star on the bodybuilding scene. His greatest success was just a few years ago. At the beginning of the 1980s he became three times “Mister World” and twice “Mister Universum”.

Steyr immediately noticed Afro-American – and Brown also noticed the German blonde. Miriam says her English was “relatively poor at the time”. This is why you can’t “have a lot of conversations,” but “right away I found each other likable,” recalls a Leverkusen resident in an interview with DW. At the time, California felt a lot more distant from Germany than it is today, and making calls was much more expensive. Miriam and John write letters to each other and get to know and love each other over a distance of 9,000 km. “I travel there every six months,” says Steyr. The couple married in the Rhineland in 1996. Then the bride moved to the groom in the United States, and their first son was born in the fall.

Children must become athletes

John Brown always wanted his kids to become athletes. Best Football Player in the NFL. He knows that at the highest level, nuances can make a huge difference. For example the name. He wants his son to be a listener. One that instantly grabs attention. Thus he calls his eldest son Aquanimius Tristan Imhotep. Places a “Saint” before the title. Because Brown is the name of a slave. Incidentally, the addition also matches the first two letters of Mary’s maiden name.

Brown is also creative with his two other sons. In 1998 Osiris was born Adrian Amun-Ra, and a year later Amun-Ra was born Julian Hero. Both are named after the Egyptian deities. Miriam Brown says she had no influence over the names. Although she likes the idea of ​​her kids becoming professional athletes, she still focuses on “all the trappings besides the sport”. For them, academic training is crucial. It is important for the mother that “the children speak more than two languages”. She is convinced that this is a good basis “which you should have later in working life”.

Summer in Leverkusen and Saxony-Anhalt

She also wants to show her German children her country. Every summer the St. Browns comes to Leverkusen and Friedensdorf in Saxony-Anhalt. Siglind Zizing, her great-aunt, lives there. Equanimeous, whom everyone calls “EQ,” fondly remembers “a lot of animals, a lot of land, a few houses, a barn and a lot of fruit and vegetables in the back of the garden” when he remembers his 88-year-old – old Aunt Lindy thinks it was a village. Little Peace is completely different from what he usually knows from everyday life in California.

Equinimus Saint Brown in Business with Green Bay Packers

At home, on the West Coast of the United States, Father John gave his children weights when they were only five years old. The iron is dug in the garage every day, and a strict feeding plan is put in place in the kitchen. “I can teach anyone anything and be the best in the world. Because I know what I need to do for it,” says Father Brown of the Los Angeles Times. It’s an advantage that his dad was a professional, too, says EQ St. Brown. “It showed us how difficult the road is and how difficult it is to work on it.”

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Building Muscle, Healthy Eating, Road Stiffness

Not only does John Brown make sure that his kids build muscle and eat healthy food, but they also get the “road toughness” needed to reach the top. He goes with them to Compton on many weekends. He himself comes from the infamous Southern Suburb of Los Angeles, which had the highest homicide rate per capita in the United States in the 1970s and still made headlines with brutal gang crime even after the turn of the millennium.

In Compton, his children are allowed to play sports against local children and youth. Compete with less-grown boys in a sheltered home. And they certainly don’t go to private schools like they do. Who knew the bad sides of life the most. But they know how to assert themselves anyway. With this mindset, John Brown made it from the dangerous streets of Compton to the pinnacle of his sport.

The brothers are already at NFL prepress

His path wasn’t always easy, says EQ St. Brown. But if you work hard you can do so. He made it to the NFL, and he proved himself. In December against the Tennessee Titans, EQ scored its first landing. There wasn’t much missing to getting to the Super Bowl – one victory.

His siblings are preschoolers in the NFL and play in college. They are also wide receivers. At the start of December, Amon-Ra set the previous college record with four drops in just one quarter, and took part in the draft in the spring. It is there that young talent is distributed to the NFL teams. The next chapter could be in this German-American soccer family story.