June 17, 2024

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Wall Street has mixed feelings about the new broadcast provider

Wall Street analysts disagree on what to consider Paramount +, ViacomCBS ‘upcoming premium live streaming service.

Paramount +It is actually just a modified version of CBS All Access and will be launched next week in the US, Canada and Latin America with over 30,000 episodes and 2,500 movie titles across a wide range of genres. There will also be newsletters and live sports on the platform.

But as ViacomCBS pushes the platform in full force, a number of influential Wall Street analysts have provided mixed assessments of the future.

On one side was Laura Martin from Needham Corporation So convinced with the offer that it advised merchants to sell Netflix and buy ViacomCBS stock.

The global volume of competing shows is missing

Todd Junger from Sanford Bernstein Corporation. However, he did not like the show and said that the broadcast provider “The global volume of competing shows is missingAdditionally, it is now argued from the same view that ViacomCBS has long-term debt of nearly $ 20 billion and that its current entertainment business will continue to struggle in the years to come.

JPMorgan analyst Alexia Quadrani takes a more balanced approach, saying ViacomCBS will reward bold spending plans, despite enthusiasm [qutoeme=etwas gedämpft ist].

Other analysts, such as von BMO Capital Markets And the Guggenheim AssociatesEither you think Paramount + has what it takes to compete with Disney, Netflix and Co.

However, others have already written off the streaming device as a very complex platform trying to combine entertainment, live sports, and news.

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What do you think about the show? “Paramount +Do we need another broadcast provider?