Spengler Cup Group Cattini – Will the record winner strike again? – Sports

Spengler Cup Group Cattini – Will the record winner strike again? – Sports – SRF

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With a 16th title in 2019, Team Canada won its only Spengler Cup record. Will topic number 17 follow directly this year?


In 2019, Canadians were allowed to celebrate

Again this year?

Keystone/Giann Ehrenseller

In the last five Spengler Cup tournaments, the title has gone to Canada four times. It was only in 2018 that Finnish team Kalpa Kuopio managed to break Canada’s dominance – thanks to a 2-1 final victory after a penalty shootout against the same Canadian team.

This year, too, the “Maple Leaves” will be bold again. The Spengler Cup is broadcast at home, which is a good showcase for players to present themselves to a wider audience. This fact alone provides additional motivation.

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All Spengler Cup games can be watched live on SRF. Afternoon games start at 3:10pm and 8:15pm. Ambri and Örebro kick off the match on Monday afternoon. Later in the evening, Canada has its first appearance against Sparta Prague (live on SRF Swee and SportApps from 8:05 p.m.).

There are a total of over 500,000 licensed players in Canada. Switzerland has almost 28,000 people. An incredible number of actors gives those responsible unprecedented options. So this year’s team will once again be top notch, both on the ice and in personnel.

The long-time participant is aiming for a 17th title and hopes to make HC Davos go further. However, the competitors will do everything they can to prevent another Canadian victory.

SRF Two, Sportflash, December 23, 2022, 8:00 pm;

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