April 25, 2024

Response to US support: Chinese maneuvers near Taiwan

Status: 12/25/2022 5:08 pm

Tensions between China and Taiwan have risen in recent months. One reason is the US support for the island republic. Beijing is now conducting another maneuver.

China has announced new maneuvers around Taiwan. The Eastern Command of the People’s Liberation Army said that the exercises were conducted at sea and in the air near Taiwan. It is a “resolute response” to the “current escalation and provocation” by the US and Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said eight Chinese planes and three ships were spotted around the island. Taiwan typically reports similar activity several times a week. The Chinese leadership considers Taiwan part of the People’s Republic and threatens to annex it.

Tensions have risen in recent months. Following the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in August Beijing has launched large-scale military maneuvers and maintains military pressure by heavily deploying warships and aircraft in the Taiwan Strait.

A scathing critique of the US budget

Beijing’s government said the new U.S. defense budget is $858 billion higher than before, showing how tense the situation is between the U.S. and China. China’s foreign ministry announced on Christmas Eve its “deep dissatisfaction and firm opposition”.

The budget included provisions that would “seriously damage peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” the statement said. The US deliberately interferes in China’s internal affairs and attacks and slanders the Chinese Communist Party. “This represents a serious political provocation for China.”

Ten billion dollars for Taiwan’s defense

US President Joe Biden signed on Friday Union Budget for the current financial year It has a size of almost 1.7 trillion USD. The Defense Department will receive $858 billion, up from $740 billion in the previous fiscal year.

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Up to $10 billion has been added to Taiwan’s defense. The budget also includes a provision to restrict the government’s purchase of computer chips made by certain Chinese companies.