May 23, 2024

South Korea wants to increase the maximum work week to 69 hours

While the discussion about the four-day work week is gaining momentum, especially in Europe, there are plans to work more in South Korea. President Yun Seok Yul’s conservative government wants to increase the maximum work week from 52 to 69 hours.

opinion poll

Do you work part time or full time?

Part time, then I have more time for my private life.


I work 100 percent because I want to make more money.


The reason: With an average of 0.78 children per woman, the country has the lowest birth rate in the world. This is mainly due to the high cost of education and rent, as well as the lack of childcare options. At the same time, society is aging, which is an increasing problem for the country’s economic growth.

The government now wants to counter this. The new regulation aims to help young and expectant mothers in particular.

The trick: they must initially work overtime so that they can use it later – for example after giving birth. By law, women are currently entitled to a total of 90 days of maternity leave before and after childbirth.

The maximum working time per week of 52 hours has been in effect since 2018. It consists of 40 hours of regular work hours and the 12 hours of overtime employees can work in a week. In the future, an additional 17 hours of overtime will be added.

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