April 23, 2024

A man regrets the theft: “I am a bastard” – the mourning chest disappeared and then returned

“Mailbox in the Sky”

When the thief took a closer look at this box, he felt a pang of conscience

In England, a mailbox outside a funeral home is stolen by a man. There, mourners leave messages for their deceased relatives to address their grief.


This so-called “mailbox to heaven” stood in front of the entrance to a funeral home in England.

Facebook/Hughes Funeral Directors.

  • In England, a man stole a mailbox.

  • However, there were no valuables in it, but letters that mourners send to their deceased relatives “in heaven.”

  • The fund is mainly used by children who have lost their grandparents.

Kim Hughes, from Cannock, Staffordshire, England, was dismayed to find the mailbox in front of her The entrance to your funeral home It was missing. People in mourning can deposit letters and postcards of their deceased relatives into the “Letters to Heaven Box”. But last Sunday morning, the white metal box suddenly disappeared.

The big surprise came the next day: The stolen mailbox was back in its place, accompanied by a handwritten note: “I’m so sorry, I’m a bastard,” wrote the guilty thief. He happened to see a post from the funeral home on social media.

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CCTV footage showed the masked man loading the box into a silver truck and driving away. However, the “Mailbox to Heaven” does not contain any valuables, as it is used by the families of the deceased to cope with their grief. “The only thing he might have taken with him are the pictures that some of the children drew of their late grandfather,” Hughes, 38, tells the British portal “Metro”.

“I didn’t read a letter.”

The thief attached a letter of apology in denominations of 20 guineas, the equivalent of 22 francs. This is to repaint the blacksmith’s chest which was slightly damaged in transit. “I just want to say that I’m so sorry for that took the mailbox I didn’t read a letter or anything.”

Thanks Kim Hughes for coming back. She wrote on Facebook: “To the person who did this, thank you for finally doing the right thing. But let this be a lesson that not all things are about how much money you can get for it. Some things mean more than money, so stop being mean.” Take things that don’t belong to you.”

Are you a blacksmith? moan someone you know

You can find help here:

hand offeredConcern hotline, tel. 143

Sellsorg.netoffering Reformed and Catholic churches

Muslim pastoral careTel. 043205 21 29

Jewish welfare [email protected]

Lifewith.chfor affected siblings

organized Family bereavement support

Switzerland Rainbow SocietyHelp for grieving families

Support groups

Beer juventutAdvice for children and young people Tel. 147

per SenateAdvising seniors in difficult life situations

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