June 24, 2024

Small fruits are very healthy

How to eat gooseberries

There really are plenty of reasons to eat gooseberries regularly — but what better way to incorporate the small fruit, which tastes great, into your diet? In fact, they can be wonderfully eaten raw and as a snack between meals. But it is also popular to make jam, compote or mush. In addition, one of the most popular cakes is gooseberry.

Which gooseberry variety is the best?

A distinction is made between green, red and yellow gooseberries. They are all healthy and full of vitamins – but there are a few differences in taste. The most popular are probably the red gooseberry “Remarka”, which has a particularly sweet and aromatic taste, and the “Yellow Triumph Berry”, which also has a very sweet taste. A staple in the home garden, ‘Invicta’ is a cultivar that yields reliable, high yields.

Gooseberry: Not for everyone

While gooseberry has a lot of health benefits, it is not for everyone. If you have a sensitive stomach, it is best to avoid gooseberries, as their skin is difficult to digest. Also, unripe fruits should not be eaten in large quantities. If the gooseberry is unripe, it contains glyoxylic acid, which in turn can produce oxalic acid – in the worst case, this negatively affects the kidneys and promotes the formation of kidney stones.

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