June 22, 2024

Signing a historic postal agreement |  Tashlis

Signing a historic postal agreement | Tashlis

After Israel and the Gulf state of Bahrain signed a letter of intent last December, a de facto postal agreement between the two countries has now been finalized.

Since Monday, residents of Israel and Bahrain have been able to receive and send parcels and letters from the partner country in accordance with the agreement. This can be done by simple, registered or express mail. In December, delegations from both countries signed a Letter of Intent to reach out to Bahrain. A representative of the Israeli Post said, on the occasion of the signing of the contract: “We welcome the continued cooperation between postal authorities around the world. This allows for the expansion of e-commerce in Israel and other countries for the benefit of Israeli customers. The agreements between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain mean that opening a new window is an important opportunity for us. ” Israel has so far signed agreements with more than 150 postal agencies around the world. According to Israeli post officials, this is another testament to the capabilities of the Israeli Postal Service as a leader in e-commerce in Israel.

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