February 28, 2024

Signed up for the Champions League for the first time – the outside attacker comes from Canada › HL-Sports

Pure joy at SVG Lüneburg. Photo Credit: Löbecka/Andreas Hannig

Lüneburg – Bundesliga volleyball team SVG Lüneburg takes the next step in its rapid growth. The club will start in the coming 2023/2024 season Champions League. Additionally, a long line of Canadian Trinity Western University (TWU) players from Langley (Greater Vancouver area) will continue with Bundesliga volleyball club SVG Lüneburg: Jesse Elser He is the third new addition for the upcoming season.

SVG volleyball players take advantage of the opportunity

SVG, promoted to the Bundesliga in 2014 and gradually progressing to the first group, can look back on the most successful season in the club’s young history (since 2005), and finished third after the main round, its best position to date. It is now decisive for the right to start in the premier class. As Russia and Belarus are still excluded from all volleyball competitions, the vacant places in the European Cups go to other countries.

Germany is now the first choice as the best club in the Champions League rankings in terms of performance in recent years. The third starting spot falls to Lüneburg along with long-time starters Berlin and Friedrichshafen. You had to make a choice. After careful consideration and calculation of the financial risk – unlike football, for example, where costs often exceed revenue – SVG has now taken this opportunity to report it.

The group stage draw is scheduled to take place on July 19 and will begin on August 21/22. After preliminary qualification in November, the German teams were eliminated.

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The third newcomer is Jesse Elser

2.03 meter tall winger Elser (24), born and raised in Calgary, won the championship for the second time with the “Spartans” and was one of the key players. “I’ve had him on my radar for a long time. Now he’s got another development boost,” says the SVG head coach Stephen Hubner A versatile, intelligent volleyball player with a big shot ability and a good serve.

After a brief debut last year, the boost brought Elser back into the Canadian national team circle, where he will get more work in the upcoming Nations League. Before that, he was one of the pillars of the B team and celebrated some victories, such as the second stage title in the championship of the North, Central American and Caribbean Associations (NORCECA) in 2021. Now he wants to present himself on the Bundesliga stage and help SVG achieve more success.

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  • SVG: Lobeka/Andreas Hannig