February 25, 2024

Shooting will start soon in Canada

They have nerves. Fans have been waiting for the fourth season for quite some time, while the makers are already busy with the fifth season.

The day fans are primarily waiting for is June 3, 2024. That's when “The Boys” Season 4 will premiere on Amazon. It's no secret that the series was slated to last five seasons from the start. Series creator Eric Kripke has already hinted that the series may last longer.

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There's no official announcement of season five yet, but a website is tracking filming locations (Hollywood Northbush), wants to know that filming is scheduled to begin in Toronto in the spring. Work on the fifth season of “The Boys” will run from April 8 to August 22.

“The Boys” Season 5: Working Title “Marathon 5959”

The magazine also says that the sequel after season 4 will be titled “Marathon 5959”. We really find this topic In Product Weekly Listed on January 11. Since this source is reliable, we assume that the information about the start of filming is definitely consistent with the facts. News on social media will certainly confirm this.

What does the working title say about the content of the fifth season? We can't do anything with the temporary number (except for esoteric angel numbers), but “Marathon” was Mr. on The Seven before A-Train. Reminds me of a marathon. He was voiced by Ashley Barrett in the second season, and played himself in “Dawn of the Seven” in the third season, but has not had any other roles in the series so far. However, unlike the comics, in the series he is alive and retired, whereas in the comics he dies in spectacular fashion. It hasn't been ruled out that the working title refers to him, but without seeing Season 4 or any other clues, it's hard to speculate about the content of the fifth season of “The Boys” right now.

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The fourth season is upon us and the first trailer is already available:

Check out The Boy's Universe on Amazon

When is the next season of “The Boys” coming to Amazon?

We're back at the beginning after the postponements of the fourth season. If filming wraps up in August, we'll see season 5 in the summer of 2025. With the second season of the spin-off “Gen V” starting in the fall of 2024, the wait should be easily overcome. Strong ties between the two series are increasingly expected over the next few seasons. We can expect several other spin-offs as well. First, Amazon has confirmed “The Boys: Mexico,” which doesn't have a release date yet.

You can get past the moment with our quiz and show if you're still ready for season four after all this time:

“The Boys” Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Amazon Superhero Series?

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