December 3, 2023

Sexy: Carl Fogarty Enters World Watch / Superbike World Championship

Sexy: Carl Fogarty Enters World Watch / Superbike World Championship

Former Superbike World Champion and Isle of Man TT winner Carl Fogarty entered the watch world this year. The English was contracted by the Forzo brand and designed his first watch.

A new brand is only recently created with the Forzo brand, which deals with the highest quality watches. MotoGP World Championship legend Karl Fogarty has developed his own wristwatch with the British manufacturer, which will be presented at the end of March. The 55-year-old joined the company and will be Forzo’s first motorsports ambassador.

“I’ve always loved watches, but I’ve never had to design myself from scratch with my own pattern. When I heard about the Forzo project, I knew it was right for me. I had some very clear ideas about the look of the watch so that I wanted it and tried to implement these ideas in my watch.” Said Fogarty the enthusiast, who celebrated four World Superbike titles in his soccer career.

“With Forzo, we wanted to create a unique motorsports brand that is directly linked to some exciting personalities and fulfills the desire to share their passion with others,” said Jonathan Quinn, Forzo founder, “That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Foggy as our number one partner. The wonderful watches reflect his fantastic personality. Completely “.

Forzo is a brand from UK-based motorsport manufacturer Geckota. The manufacturer honors with its watches sports icons with special acclaims, inspired by the classic look of the past. Close cooperation with athletes creates a certain originality, because the ambassadors design their watches in cooperation with FORZO themselves.

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