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Part of the Dover cliffs fell into the sea

Part of the Dover cliffs fell into the sea


04.02.2021 • 2:30 pm
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Much of the famous white cliffs fell into the English Channel.

In social networks, users have sarcastically confirmed that the scene was a symbol of the situation in the UK. “What a sense of humor, cynicism and timing enjoyed by nature: the famous slopes of Brexit lie in the sea of ​​ice,” one user wrote on Twitter.

The slopes, which are easy to see when arriving by ferry, formed about 90 million years ago. Its white color is due to its chalky formula – but it is particularly susceptible to abrasion. This is why fragments continue to fall into the sea. According to the researchers, the slopes have eroded at a rate ten times faster in the past 150 years than they have been in the previous seven thousand years. According to information from the Kent Live web portal, this was only the third time in the past 20 years that such a large chunk had broken up.

The Weisswer clinics are collapsing

The chalk cliffs of Rügen Island on the Baltic Sea are also crumbling. There are always great breaks. In February 2005, for example, the main battles of Wissower Klinken fell into the sea with about 50,000 cubic meters of chalk, and in 2011 a girl from Brandenburg was killed in a demolition. In addition to the already fine formation of chalk, the causes of erosion are the force of waves hitting the rocks, as well as storms and torrential rains.

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