June 16, 2024

For equality and dignity: Scotland offers free menstruation materials of the day - panorama

For equality and dignity: Scotland offers free menstruation materials of the day – panorama

– It is nothing less than a small revolution already announced in 2020: from Monday, period articles will be available free of charge in city administrations and educational institutions in Scotland.

Highlands, men in skirts and bagpipes – this is what many associate with Scotland. Now the UK’s northernmost state is expanding its repertoire with another major product: period items. More precisely: free menstruation items.

The basis of equality and dignity

Nearly two years ago, the Scottish Parliament made a groundbreaking decision: tampons and sanitary pads should be made free for all women in the country. Keep in mind that MPs voted unanimously on regulation. In a statement on Sunday, Scottish Social Justice Minister Shauna Robison described the law, which will come into effect on Monday 15.08.22, as “fundamental to equality and dignity”. Therefore, city administrations and educational institutions are obligated from the deadline to make PMS articles available to everyone who needs them.

Unique mark all over the world

In most states, menstrual hygiene products are taxed to a greater or lesser degree. In Germany, too, the tax rate on tampons and sanitary pads is no longer 19 percent, but 7 percent. Scotland, on the other hand, is the first and only country to offer period products completely free.

Representative Monica Lennon referred to the law in a report she submitted SZ as “a milestone on the way to normalizing the menstrual cycle in Scotland” and to send a signal “how seriously Parliament takes gender equality”. Her colleague Alison Johnston also stated that it was “neither fair nor fair” to financially punish someone for a normal bodily function. With the “Products Period (Free Savings) (Scotland) Act 2021”, Scotland takes a leading position unique to the world.

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