June 17, 2024

Science - New dinosaur bones discovered in Argentina - Wikipedia

Science – New dinosaur bones discovered in Argentina – Wikipedia

Plaza Huincol (dpa) – In southern Argentina, scientists have discovered the fossil remains of a previously unknown type of dinosaur. Elemgasem nubilus belongs to the group Abelisauridae and lived about 90 million years ago, according to the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (Conicet). The carnivorous dinosaur was moving on two legs, and was about four meters long and about two meters high.

Researchers discovered the bone remains near the town of Plaza Huencol in the Neuquén Province in Patagonia. They came from a dinosaur that was at least eight years old but not yet fully grown. The scientists described their discovery in the journal Papers in Paleontology.

“Argentina and Patagonia in particular are one of the most important places in the world for paleontology, along with China, the United States and Canada, where many new discoveries are published in international journals every year,” said study author Mattia Baiano. “Every time we add another grain of sand to the knowledge of life in the past.”

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