June 23, 2024

Science creates transportation

The goal is clear: all children should learn to swim! However, despite extensive efforts and various work programmes, many children drop out of elementary school without being able to swim safely.



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German Sports University Cologne

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The app was implemented as part of the project “EuViS: The App for Diagnosing Primary Learning Conditions and Designing Personalized Swimming Lessons”. The joint project between the German Sports University of Cologne and the European University of Flensburg will receive three-year funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (VIP+ funding programme, validation of the technological and social innovation potential of scientific research) worth around 1.5 million euros.

Says the project coordinator, Dr. Elka Staub of the Institute for Mediation Efficiency in Sport at the German Sport University. Dr. Nele Schlapkohl from network partner Europa-Universität Flensburg adds that “teachers in clubs, swimming schools, day-care centers as well as in schools and universities can benefit from the planned application.” Network is supported. Prof. University. Dr. Tobias Vogt, President of the Association and President of the Institute for the Education of Sports Skills, says: “In order to improve teaching in swimming over the long term despite adverse conditions, we need formats that really support those in the water or at the edge of the pool. Transfer can only succeed If we make our scientific knowledge available for practice and at the same time are open to integrating practical experience into our considerations.

The application will be used and validated in both school and extracurricular swimming instruction. After the project phase, the app will be available to teachers in schools and clubs as part of a spin-off process across the licensing system.