Science and technology: Firefox’s search just got a lot more straightforward

Fire fox

With version 87, Firefox received, among other things, the display of search results in the slider. Photo: Kathryn Weibel / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

This way, users can go directly to where the search results can be found – without having to scroll through the entire page and search for the featured search term.

More data protection in new release

Developers also have a new feature to protect data in a file New Firefox release Completed: the so-called Muhail has been cut off. This is the website from which you came to the current page. Problem: Again, in the address path, there may be sensitive data, such as search filters and form fields that the user set or specified on the previously visited website that then discloses directly or indirectly the personal data.

Since the reference actually serves only statistical purposes and website operators should only discover which other pages point to their page, Firefox now cuts the path by default – if it is available.

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Example: Off For example, is sent – so only the net domain is transferred.

Release notes for zu Firefox 87

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