May 23, 2024

Women in Science - The Minister of Education complains about men's domination of research

Women in Science – The Minister of Education complains about men’s domination of research

Education Minister Bettina Stark Watzinger (FDP) (picture alliance / dpa / POOL AP)
More equal opportunity in education, research and innovation is needed in order to be able to better realize individual and professional life opportunities, Added political FDP. The director of the Leibniz Institute for Cognitive Media in Tübingen, Ulrike Kress, also stated that women should become more prominent through their scientific achievements. The professor emphasized that her experience and skills are indispensable to the research.

Brandenburg’s Minister for Research, Scholl, highlighted the progress made in her tenure. Five out of eight university presidents are currently women. The SPD politician explained that women also represent more than 30 percent of professors. Brandenburg is one of the best Germans, but this is not enough.

The Federal Ministry of Education referred to the funding line “Innovative women in focusShe added that universities, non-university research institutions, cultural sites and small and medium-sized companies can apply for funding.

The United Nations has criticized women for receiving fewer research grants than their male counterparts. In addition, women are still not represented equally in some disciplines such as engineering or computer science.

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On the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, listen to an interview with Professor Bielefeld, Antje Fleuchter from Campus and Career. The Dlf program also included a report on the so-called glass ceiling of women in science.

This message was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on February 13, 2022.