Science and technology: Dell computers have serious security vulnerabilities

Dell computers with serious security vulnerabilities

There is a poor driver on countless Dell computers. Users should remove this. Photo: Robert Günther / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

In this way, attackers as local users can extend their rights, for example to take control of a computer, Warn IT security company Sentinel One that discovered the problem. However, there is currently no evidence that cyber criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities on affected devices. However, one should not wait to be in doubt.

Long lists of affected models

With hundreds of models affected from 2009 through today, users can first search through two lists Dell has compiled for their devices, which can be found at the bottom of the page With a description of the problem and solution from the manufacturer. It is faster if you press “Ctrl + F” to search the page specifically for the model name and number.

If you can find your model there, the easiest immediate action is to use the one provided by the manufacturer a tool Download and run it, which will remove the unsafe driver named “dbutil_2_3.sys”.

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Helpful update wizard

Otherwise, those affected can clear the ravines Assistive software support get it done. According to the manufacturer, this update wizard will not be ready for this action until May 10.

It is also recommended to install and use the update wizard for all those who have already removed the unsafe driver software with the above mentioned tool. This program also provides fresh, safe driver for firmware updates without the risk of installing an unsafe driver again.

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Dell Soft Driver Removal Tool

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Sentinel One warning

Description of vulnerabilities by Dell

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