December 10, 2023

Science and technology: Apple closes vulnerabilities in iOS

Science and technology: Apple closes vulnerabilities in iOS

Download the iPhone update

Highest update rollup: Attackers are already exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS 14.3. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

About two Weaknesses An attacker can execute any program code. The third vulnerability makes it possible to obtain permissions and thus ultimately take control of the device.

Camera corrections

Otherwise it delivers Update Including camera improvements in HDR mode and when scanning QR codes. Additionally, issues with late keyboard entries and missing word suggestions should be resolved.

In the future, the iPhone 12 will “complain” when a non-camera unit is installed an Apple As with new screens or batteries. However, it can still be used.

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Automatically or manually

As a rule, users automatically receive a message that an update is available. Then you just have to click on “Install Now”.

If you do not want to wait, or you have waited unsuccessfully, then you should proceed as follows: Connect the device to the charger, activate the WLAN and then go to “Settings / General / Software Update”. Then press “Download and Install”.

Apple on security vulnerabilities

Apple update to 14.4

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