Science and technology: Android scanner for foreign airtags


An opportunity to track Apple Airmarks in the region even without an iPhone: Tracker Detect app for Android smartphones. Photo: Till Simon Nagel / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

The location is then determined via your iPhone or iPad using the Where is it? app. Because air tags are small The location is then launched on your iPhone or iPad using the Where is it? app. Because Airtags are small (three centimeters in diameter), thin (0.8 centimeters), light (11 grams), durable (the button cell lasts a year well) and also protected against water and dust, they’ll be easy to misuse as a slip.

Prevent stalking and its partners

In order to prevent stalking and the like, iPhone users receive an on-screen warning if they have an unfamiliar airtag with them on a permanent basis. In order to protect other people, for example those with Android devices, from potential monitoring and tracking, Airtags should also sound an alert tone after 24 hours at the latest if they are near someone who does not have an iPhone with them. . However, you can immobilize the Airtag’s mini speaker if you want to.

This is probably one of the reasons why Apple is now putting an Airtags scanner app in the Google Play Store. her name Detection Tracker It should give users using Android smartphones the opportunity to ward off any attempts at surveillance.

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If Tracker Detect finds a strange and unknown Airtag nearby, the command can be given via the app that a tone should be played on the Airtag so that it can be found more easily. The app also contains instructions on how to turn off third party air tags.

In addition, Apple explains in Tracker Detect how it uses NFC to read the serial number and any stored loss information to the owner from the Airtag. If it is just about a lost or missing air day, it can be returned with the help of this information.

However, there are no warnings via Tracker Detect, as on the iPhone, if you carry a strange air card with you. And the primary function of the system was certainly not given, which is to track down your stuff with air signs when you’re looking for it.

Detection Tracker in Google Play Store

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