Underwater creature that can change color

According to scientists, the octopus who dreams should change its color. It is certainly surprising that one would suppose that animals dream at all. The results are a state of the search.

Science has recently discovered that a sleeping octopus can change its color. But whether this has anything to do with the ability to dream is something that needs to be explored now.

Can octopuses dream?

Many people ask themselves the question over and over again: can animals dream? In the case of octopuses, science is now coming to the end of the question. Because it was found that animals change color during sleep. Just as they usually do for disguise. It has now been established that humans and other mammals go through two stages of sleep.

The stage of active and quiet sleep in an octopus can now also be determined. At least that’s what Brazilian scientists are saying now. This is how octopuses are supposed to move their eyes, shrink their suction cups and change color when they are in active sleep.

Similarities Between Human and Octopus

As for dreaming, the stage of active sleep for an octopus is said to be similar to that which is also known as the REM stage in humans. This describes the stage in which a person dreams the most during sleep.

Researchers believe that octopuses have similar experiences during sleep as they do with human dreaming. But they also say that these stages are rather short and have no plot like the dream stories that people can see.

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The octopus seems to be sleeping and dreaming

That they are asleep is not new in any way. But the fact that octopuses can dream is also really amazing news. Of the 30 to 40 different patterns available to the octopus, it is clear that he can also make use of them when he is sleeping.

The sleep phase should last only about 40 seconds, during which the octopus can change its color in a dream. When tested, the scientists also found that this is the stage in which the octopus sleeps deeply. Octopuses have always fascinated people and are considered very intelligent.

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