July 14, 2024

Saudi Arabia buys drones from Türkiye

Saudi Arabia buys drones from Türkiye

Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman and Turkish President Erdogan agree to work more closely together on areas including energy, direct investment, and defense.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey signed a number of memorandums of understanding in various fields including energy, direct investment and defense. The official Saudi Press Agency reported, on Tuesday, that the signing of the bilateral agreement came in the presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of the kingdom.

Saudi Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia signed two contracts with the Turkish arms company Baykar to purchase drones “with the aim of enhancing the operational readiness of the Kingdom’s armed forces and strengthening its defense and manufacturing capabilities.” on Twitter. The two countries also agreed to cooperate in the field of defence.

Erdogan arrived in Saudi Arabia on Monday. He has “high hopes” for the investment. Türkiye is trying to deal with budgetary pressures, chronic inflation and a weak currency. Other stops on Erdogan’s golf trip until June 19 are Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. (APA/Reuters)

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