June 21, 2024

Rwanda official admits to breaking the law in Rwanda hotel case

Rwanda official admits to breaking the law in Rwanda hotel case

When Mr. Hill of Al Jazeera asked him who paid for the plane, Mr. Bussingei said the Rwandan government did.

Since Mr. Rosapagina was handcuffed in front of the press in Kigali on August 31, questions have revolved around how he got there.

He left home in San Antonio, Texas, and I arrived in Dubai The evening of August 27, aboard an Emirates flight from Chicago. Then he checked into the ibis hotel in Dubai document Five hours after the Emirati mission in Geneva, he boarded a private plane, which he believed was going to Burundi, where he would speak to churches at the invitation of a local priest.

The next day the plane operated by the chartered Greek company GainJet landed in Kigali, where it was located. Arrest and handcuffing and investigation.

The Rwandan authorities have previously confirmed, including in interviews with The New York Times, that they have hired the government operations rental service, but have not specifically confirmed that they chartered the specific flight that took Mr. Rosapjena to Kigali.

In December, Mr. Rospagina and his family filed a lawsuit against GainJet over his role in the ring.

After his arrest, President Paul Kagame – whose government tried years ago to arrest 66-year-old Rusapagina – It’s called the process He said, “No flawless,” it was not a kidnapping.

Regarding Mr. Rusapagina’s escape plans, his daughter Karen Kanimba said she has received WhatsApp and Twitter messages since November about someone claiming to be one of her father’s prison guards. The audio messages written and reviewed by The Times described Mr. Rospagina’s routine and suggested ways to help him escape.

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