October 4, 2023

Power outage Eschenbach id OPf.  Currently on 05.07.2022: There are disturbances in the electricity network

Power outage Eschenbach id OPf. Currently on 05.07.2022: There are disturbances in the electricity network

In Eschenbach id OPf. There was no electricity in the 92676 zip code area in the morning hours of Tuesday. All reports of power outages in Eschenbach id OPf. Today and where you can refer to it, you can find out on news.de

Power outage and maintenance at Eschenbach id OPf. Currently

As reported by the portal Störsauskunft.de, Eschenbach id OPf. Currently upset. The relevant electrical company Bayernwerk Netz GmbH has been notified. On average, the German population is supplied with electricity continuously except for a few minutes per year. For example, there are also failures at Eschenbach id OPf in Bavaria. Not the norm, but it can always happen temporarily. Anyone wishing to know the current events in the area will find all the detailed information about the work in progress below.

The following bugs are currently on 5 July 2022 in Eschenbach id OPf. Before

As of today at 07:12 in the area Runkenreuth (within a radius of about 1 km) in Netzaberg, Eschenbach idOPf. , Eschenbach id OPf. In the administrative district “Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz (VGem)” (Postal code 92676, District Neustadt an der Waldnaab) Problems with the power grid, which according to the current state of knowledge is only limited locally. The responsible supplier, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, is currently working on restoring the power supply, which is expected to run until 11:30 AM. Detailed information about the incident from the network operator is not available.

(Last update: 05.07.2022 09:51)

Power outage in Eschenbach id OPf. Report: Contact information for the responsible network operator

You must have one power outage If affected, keep calm and check if the fuse in the fuse box has blown due to overload, for example. Do not immediately report a power outage to the police or rescue coordination centers of the fire brigade, as most of the time it is not an emergency. So the correct address is your power supply.

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You can find the Baernerwerk Netz bug-clearing hotline here.

What you need to pay attention to as a victim

If you find problems with your power supply, this can have several reasons. However, there are some actions that you can take to fix the problem on your own. Often it is not a major defect at all, in most cases the circuit fuse has been blown for protection reasons only. So, first check your fuse box to see if the fuse has blown there. If this is the case, disconnect all consumers that may be causing this from the mains and then turn the fuse back on. If the problem is not resolved, then there is a high probability of damage to the power line in the circuit. At this point, you should consult a specialist. If the power outage extends far beyond your home, the power grid may already be down. Power outages alone are not an emergency! Do not call the police or fire emergency numbers directly. Instead, contact your power provider.

Blackouts: states and federal states in comparison

Outages in the power grid occur from time to time, even if they are mostly regional and only temporary. In Germany, a lot is done to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, so statistically German families have to go without electricity for an average of less than 20 minutes per year. In the UK, it takes more than an hour per year, and in some European countries like Poland or Italy, it takes more than 3 hours.

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A comparison of federal states by the Federal Network Agency shows that key blackout numbers range from 9 to 19 minutes. Rhineland-Palatinate (about 19 minutes per year) and Brandenburg (about 17 minutes) top the list, followed by Saxony-Anhalt (16 minutes). On the other hand, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hesse, Bavaria, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein suffer the least blackouts (about 9 minutes each).

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