Red Bull threatens to withdraw from the World Cup due to Mercedes protest!

Max Verstappen brings Red Bull his first Formula 1 title since 2013. However, the new world champion team is threatening to quit the racing series.

The basics in brief

  • Red Bull star Max Verstappen can celebrate the world title in Formula 1.
  • But behind the scenes, the new world championship team is simmering.
  • Because of Mercedes’ protest, Red Bull is even considering exiting F1.

This was not what one would have hoped for at the end of the season in Formula 1: More than a controversial decision by the race management Energy Max Verstappen First time world champion. Then protests from Mercedes ensue – and a legal battle looms that could last for months.

Will Max Verstappen retain his world title?

At Red Bull, there is indeed every reason to rejoice. At the moment, Verstappen is the new world championMercedes’ seven-year dominance is broken. The Dutchman is the second Red Bull champion after Sebastian Vettel.

History records the last round of a crazy season. – SRF

But behind the scenes, Austrian English is boiling energyDrink racing team. Because motorsports consultant Helmut Marko threatens Red Bull’s exit from Formula 1 just hours after the World Cup victory.

Red Bull threatens to quit Formula 1

The reason for the threatened withdrawal is Mercedes’ protest against Verstappen’s world title. “It is not appropriate for a World Cup final to have a decision postponed in this way,” Marko said after the race.

Compared to «», the Austrian does not hold back from criticism of Mercedes. “This speaks of the attitude of a loser who is not worthy if he makes such objections and protests,” says Marco.

‘The whole system must be covered’

The Red Bull motorsport consultant complains that “what they did after the race is disgusting”. To protest that it obviously won’t work. That’s a very bad loser for me.”

For the future, Marco calls for a revision of the rules. “We will reconsider our participation in Formula 1, if it does not have a corresponding impact on future championships.”

“The whole system needs to be rethought, the rules need to be simplified. Consistency is part of it, the premise has to be: let’s race”, which is how Marko sets out Red Bull’s demands in Formula 1 in the future.

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