Sports Day: ‘Doing the right thing’: Ecclestone celebrates the Super Races

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‘He did the right thing’: Ecclestone celebrates super racing

For ex-Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone (91), the controversial season finale of the Formula One motorsport class in Abu Dhabi produced the right world champion Dutchman Max Verstappen. “It was a great race and the result was just right,” said Britain’s Bild. Verstappen (Red Bull) beat defending champion Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain/Mercedes) in the final round of the race on Sunday, thus winning his first world title. “He deserves it and it’s good for Formula 1 to have a new and young champion after the dominance of Mercedes and Hamilton,” said Ecclestone.

After the Safety Car stage, the FIA ​​Race Director Michael Massey reopened the race with one lap before the finish, but the field was supposed to cover a full distance from the back. This was the only way to get Verstappen to attack. Mercedes protested the result to no avail. “It was unfair to end this season and this ending with the safety car,” said Ecclestone. “Hamilton was the world champion at the time. All the fans would say, ‘What are these stupid referees doing?’” “No, he did the right thing in this case.”

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