December 4, 2023

Ranking: The most popular islands in the world


The world’s most popular islands are a 30-hour flight away

Every year, Travel + Leisure allows its readers to vote on the “World’s Best Awards.” Including the favorite island for travel enthusiasts.


10th place: Boracay, Philippines Of the more than 7,000 Philippine islands, Boracay seems to be the most popular. The island is about seven kilometers long and is also known as the “Island that Never Sleeps”. It offers an extensive nightlife.


Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine are annually asked to participate in the World’s Best Awards survey and thus receive their awards. Opinion on travel experiences To express all over the world. Awards go to the best hotels, resorts, cities, cruise ships, spas, airlines or islands.

According to the magazine, about 165,000 readers participated in the 2023 survey. For the most popular island poll, travelers must evaluate the following criteria:

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Each property can be rated between “excellent” and “poor”. Based on the final values, a list of 25 islands was created. Find out in the photo gallery which are the ten most popular islands.