May 22, 2024

SOUTH AFRICA - Major fire causes massive damage in Cape Town - news

SOUTH AFRICA – Major fire causes massive damage in Cape Town – news

  • Major fires caused severe damage in the tourist city of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • The campus was also damaged – and thousands of students were forced to flee their homes in a hurry.
  • On the side of Cape Town’s landmark, Table Mountain, there was a blaze of fire on several hectares.

The fire destroyed many historic buildings – including a library with valuable history books, as well as the oldest windmill in South Africa. It was ablaze on the side of Table Mountain, Cape Town’s landmark. Many schools in the Zonnebloem area were evacuated. “There is ashes everywhere and smoke everywhere,” manager Heather Kalmer told reporters at the site.

The strong winds made it difficult to use the fire fighting helicopter. The authorities called for the removal of the endangered inner city from the fire for the time being. “This fire will keep us busy for days,” said Philip Prince of the National Park Administration at Table Mountain.

Suspicion of arson

According to rescue services, the fire broke out on Sunday morning. Perhaps the reason was a campfire lit by a homeless person, it was said. A city spokesman said on camera that a man of about 30 years had been arrested and had confessed to starting a fire.

Table Mountain and the surrounding National Park are under nature protection. Severe fires are common in the dry season in South Africa. However, this year’s season, which ran from mid-November to April, was the first severe fire in the region.

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