May 19, 2024

Question for information – How can you prevent dementia and how do you deal with it?

Dementia is the general term for pathological changes in the brain that are accompanied by a gradual loss of mental functions such as thinking, orientation, and the ability to learn. This also reduces the affected person's emotional and social abilities as the disease progresses.

But today, dementia is no longer an unchangeable fate. In addition to a healthy diet, this includes physical and mental activity as well as healthy sleep and maintaining social contacts. Chronic stress should also be avoided and controlled through relaxation exercises or meditation.

Studies have shown that a combination of physical and mental activity (eg memory training) and regular monitoring of important health parameters (“health screening”) can prevent dementia. Regularly learning new things (regular additional training) and being socially active play an important role. What studies also show is that a healthy lifestyle – ideally from childhood – but at the latest from middle age onwards, protects against dementia.

Stephanie Auer chairs the Department of Dementia Research and Nursing Sciences with a focus on nursing sciences and dementia research.

Andrea Richer, Miriam Richer

It is very important to take the first symptoms of cognitive impairment seriously. Timely diagnosis and treatment allows many years of good quality of life. By removing stigma and taking an open approach towards this topic in society, the fear of seeking medical clarification should be eliminated for those affected and their relatives.

Krems University of Continuing Education is leading a project (“Dementia. Active Society”) that helps communities and public institutions find a better way to deal with people with dementia and their families through efficiency. The project is scientifically supported and the Dementia Society Award has now been presented to ten communities, one notary and one district (“We Five in the Vienna Woods”).

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The second day of action for brain health will be organized on 6 May 2024 on the Krems campus of the University of Continuing Education. The Action Day will provide information on the latest developments on the topic “Brain Health”, and the most important message will be: “It is never too late and it is never too late to take care of your brain health”.