June 16, 2024

Qualifiers ZSC beat Bale in 2nd overtime ++ Lausanne beat Friborg++ Zug and Rappi Breck.

Qualifiers ZSC beat Bale in 2nd overtime ++ Lausanne beat Friborg++ Zug and Rappi Breck.

The ZSC Lions and Biel fought a battle that lasted more than 89 minutes.

stone key

Rapperswil-Jonah and EVZ could double and lead 2-0 in the quarter-final series thanks to away victories. Meanwhile, Lausanne drew heavily against Friborg and the ZSC Lions scored their first victory over Bale in the second overtime period.

Chris Baltisberger replaces Black

The ZSC Lions reduced the quarter-final series against Bale to 1:2. Chris Baltisberger scored the game’s only goal in the 89th minute. After scoring 16 goals in the first two games of the series, this time there were no goals to be seen in the original time, so, like on the day Friday, the decision had to be made, this time until the second. The first started very impressively, in the first seven minutes, both teams missed two big chances – for example, ZSC striker Sven Andregueto failed to hit the post (66). The fact that Zurich had a better end to the game this time around is thanks to Chris Baltisberger, who scored with an accurate shot.

In the first two thirds, more work was done on ice hockey than on anything else. If there was still one good chance or another in the first 20 minutes, there was little in the second half. After the second half, Bale only played at the start – also benefiting from two penalties against the Lions. Meanwhile, the third period hit ratio was 13:1 in favor of the guests (17:6 total; 40 minutes later 15:15). In the 44th minute, for example, strong ZSC goalkeeper Jakub Kovar miraculously saved the Miks Indrasis goal. Zurich residents only had a good short stage in this department.

HC Lugano was unsuccessful in the quarter-finals against champion Zug after a solid streak of 16 rounds against Servette (2-0 win). Luganesi also lost the second game of the series with 2:6. HC Lugano created chances to win both games. But Leonardo Genone found his level in the playoffs early on. With 40 Genoni saves hexa EVZ to 2:1 after Friday overtime. Also on Sunday evening, Ginoni laid the foundation for the away win with 35 saves. It is clear that Ginoni won the duel against Niklas Schlegel (27 goals saved, 6 goals conceded).

Lugano dominated the match for 40 minutes, but only managed to equalize 1-1 in the 37th minute through Giovanni Moreni outnumbered. Shortly thereafter, Luganesi Raphael Herburger and Alessio Bertaggia both made stick errors, which Christian Degos (2:1) and Fabrice Herzog (3:1) made possible within 59 seconds at the start of the final section, a force more than decisive hits play. . Yannick Zender scored two goals for Zug. After the decision was made, the Lugano captains tried to set individual signals with the goal of starting the third match. Whether these provocations are enough to derail the effective EV Zug will be seen in Tuesday’s continuation.

Lausanne is a late turning point

In the extreme, Hockey Club Lausanne equalizes the quarter-final series against Guteron. Lausanne beat Freiburg 5-4 after extra time. With 32.9 seconds left, Friborg was ahead by 4:3. Then Ken Jäger, who had already been one of the best players from Lausanne in the past few weeks, saved his team with a 4:4 draw. By then, Lausanne had already replaced his goalkeeper with an extra striker.

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Both teams didn’t risk much in overtime. Friborg managed to play a solid two-minute play. But in the 72nd minute, Lausanne scored the winning goal. Francis Barry shot perfectly and the puck hit the crossbar. Before the match, Lausanne coach John Faust was surprised by the change of goalkeeper. Tobias Stefan, who lost the Round of 16 to Embry, stood in front of the Lausanne goal in favor of Luca Bolzhauser. Stefan justified the confidence with 35 saves.

Lakers double against Davos

Davos is having trouble in the playoff again. The Grisons also lost the second game of the quarter-final against the Rapperzoil-Jonah Lakers 4-1. As in the first game, Gian Marco Witter – the player who never got a chance at Davos – stabs his former team in the heart. Witter conquered the goal in the attacking area in the 45th minute, thus starting 2:1 for the Lakers (through Sandro Forer). Six and a half minutes later, Witter scored a 3-1 victory ahead of Sandro Eichlemann.

Witter scored three goals and one assist for Rapperzoil-Jona in the first two playoffs. Roman Cervenca scored two goals for the Lakers on Sunday evening. So the Lakers once again made it to the semi-finals under Stefan Hedlund. A year ago, the Lakers were criticized for leaving Jeff Tomlinson as coach (for Kloten) after a successful season (with an exciting qualification to the semi-finals). Meanwhile, Hedlund has been voted Coach of the Year by coaches and captains of National League clubs.