June 22, 2024

Equal pay in football: an agreement in the United States |  Sports |  DW

Equal pay in football: an agreement in the United States | Sports | DW

Megan Rapinoe and her co-stars reached their goal after years of fighting for equal pay from the NFL. The NFL has now announced that the dispute that has raged since 2019 has been settled. Thus the income gap between players is closed, and tournament rewards are adjusted, for example the World Cup. However, the agreement still had to be signed and approved by the court.

The US Soccer Federation and the women’s national team jointly said: “We have ironed out our differences and stand together proudly to achieve more justice in football. Reaching this day has not been easy. We recognize the legacy of these women to those who fought for it.” And dedicate this moment to them.” “If we win, everyone will win!” Rapinoe tweeted.

According to Agence France-Presse, the value of the agreement is $24 million. 22 million will be paid to the players, and the rest will go to a fund that supports them after their careers and promotes women’s and girls’ football.

“Delegating to the Edge”

Two-time world champion (2015 and 2019) and 2012 Olympic champion, star Rapinoe has championed equal pay in American football for years. The 36-year-old said recently during a visit by US President Joe Biden to the White House. “My colleagues and I are there for them.”

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